“The Expediter” Filmmakers on “Thunder Road” Movie Set Site at Asheville River Arts District

Filmmakers Visit the Site of 1958 Movie Location in Western North Carolina

 Filmmakers of The Expediter (www.theexpediterfilm.com) take a break from the events at The Ashville Film Festival, where The Expediter was nominated for best-supporting actress and best feature drama to explore Asheville’s rich film history. Here, film archeologists, Bob and Mike using production stills from Robert Mitchum’s 1958, classic Thunder Road have discovered a shooting location.
 “Let me tell the story, I can tell it all
About the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol
His daddy made the whiskey, son, he drove the load
When his engine roared, they called the highway Thunder Road.
Sometimes into Asheville, sometimes Memphis town
The revenoors chased him but they couldn’t run him down
Each time they thought they had him, his engine would explode
He’d go by like they were standin’ still on that Thunder Road…”
Chase scene with the gray ’50 Ford coupe shot in what is now the River Arts District. Photo courtesy of Park Circus

Read more, visit: https://mountainx.com/movies/thunder-road-remembering-the-making-of-a-cult-classic-in-asheville/

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