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Dear friends and fans of The Expediter,

We are so happy to now offer our film, which has received such great reviews, for rent or purchase by VIMEO on Demand service here:
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Michael Domino, Robert Mladinich

Shortly after graduation from high school in the late 1970’s, eighteen-year-old Michael Romano engages in some teenage hijinks that gets him arrested in the New York City suburbs. With his plans to attend college put on hold, his father, the executive in charge of production at a large manufacturing company in Queens, takes him to work and puts him under the wing of Jake Cutter, the company’s grizzled purchasing manager whose job is to ensure the factory line never goes down.
The war-weary Cutter alleviates the horrors he experienced as a young U.S. Marine during World War II with alcohol, womanizing and a work ethic that is unrivaled. At first hostile to young Michael, who he derisively refers to as Michelle despite Michael holding the unenviable position of expeditor of parts, the two slowly and cautiously develop an indelible bond.

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